I now live in an eclectic confluence of communities in
San Francisco’s Mission District. It’s my pleasure to
serve God and people in the simplest of ways here.
(By “simple” I mean in the least circuitous ways that
I possibly can. I like it when I can do things that
directly relate to advancing the interests of Jesus.)
If you want to know more about my adventure here
and some of the things I’m learning, you might want
to confer with my blog:
I hope that my musings both there and on this site
will somehow be a help to you in your friendship
with God.

Simply Christian
New Stuff
When I first met Jesus, it was simple. I knew he loved me,
and I loved him. Gradually that simplicity drained away and
was replaced by complex theological systems and a variety
of worldly priorities that made my life less single-minded and
that simple love and life I once had.

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