I Will Not Give Up
I was on a prayer and writing retreat at my friends’ house in Twain Harte,
California writing my memoir about an extremely tough two-year period of my
life. I had lost my wife, my ministry, and my health (I was diagnosed with
bone marrow cancer) all within months. I was spending a lot of time writing
my memoirs about these difficulties and praying for direction about the next
season of my life. I’ve been feeling for quite some time that he wanted me to
move to the Mission District of San Francisco to somehow serve the poor and
make disciples. Frankly, though I’m excited about it, I’m pretty scared to
actually go and do it. (Maybe by the time you read this I will have made the
move and begun finding places of service. To date, it’s still in the ‘dream

Anyway, I was thinking about the fears I was experiencing about my uncertain
health and the prospect of living alone in The City (and not really the nicest
part of it). The story from the Gospels about Jesus and the disciples crossing
the Sea of Galilee in the storm came to my mind. They were obviously scared
too, but Jesus had said, “Let’s go to the other side,” so, with his
encouragement, they made it to the other side. If they could work through
their fears and not be paralyzed by them, so could I. It’s with that background
in mind that I wrote this simple song:  I Will Not Give Up.

My young friend, and real musician, David Paden did the recording as well as
sang and played the guitar on this song. Thanks, David!

Capo 1st fret

C                G                      F                          Am  G
Help me endure through the wind through the waves
F             G                    C                     G
May I be sure, give me faith to be brave
Am                       F                      Am            G
 Quell my fears, dry my tears, help me be brave  
Am                       F                           Am                 G
 Please draw near, come right here, help me be brave

Am         F           C                 G
I will not give in I will not give up
Am                     F           C                 G
You said, “Let’s go” - for me that’s enough
Am      F   C              G
Ooooooh I’ll not give up
Am    F  C               G
Nooooo I’ll not give up

Am                F           C                 G
This storm is raging I will not give up
Am                     F                     C       G
The wind’s against me and the sea is rough (but)
Am      F   C              G
Ooooooh I’ll not give up
Am    F  C               G
Nooooo I’ll not give up