Jesus My Friend and Guide
I remember the night this song just came. I stayed long after everyone had
left one of our evening worship services. I found myself at the church piano
(I know a few chords) worshipping. This elemental song just came.
Honestly, I think this is my favorite little song He’s given me. I says what I
mean, and I mean it when I sing it – in Him I’m satisfied!

C                G                 Am/G

You’re the first and the last, You’re Living One

C               G                       Am/G

You were dead, now alive, You’re the only Son

F               G                     F                         G              C     G

Alpha and Omega - Who is, Who was, and Who is to come

C             F                 Am/G

Jesus my Friend and Guide

F                     G      

No one’s like You, Lord

F                    G

No one’s like You

C                G      Am/G

In You I’m satisfied

F                G                    F  C

There is no one like You, Lord

F                 G

(There is no one like You…)