Please Accept My Sacrifice of Praise
Over the years I’ve gone on periodic prayer retreats by myself in a cabin in
the mountains for a few days. It probably averages about once every year
and a half, and is usually accompanied by some fasting. I always bring my
guitar along to these and sing my heart out to Him. Some of the times He’s
given me new songs to sing to Him. This almost embarrassingly simply
song came from one of those retreats. I guess when I get alone with God for
a protracted period, I’m inclined to get more in touch with my feebleness.
This little chorus expressed my heart  that day, hoping I could somehow
touch Him with my meager offering of praise.

A                              D                 E

Please accept my sacrifice of praise

A                              D                         E

Take this meager cry and add your grace

F#m                   D         E                  A

Set my heart aflame again with love for only You

F#m                              D

Come and break this hardened soul

A                         D - E

And take what is your due