Foundations 101 is designed for people in one of three different life situations:  
Someone who as recently received Jesus as their Savior; someone who has
known the Lord for a while, but hasn't studied the basics of the faith; or someone
looking for a succinct way to teach new believers the foundations of the faith.

This series is all about digging down deep and laying a foundation so that you'll be
able to develop a solid and successful walk with Jesus. Throughout these chapters
we'll look at six fundamentals of the Christian life, six key sections of our faith's

THE CROSS - (on being forgiven by God)
THE INNER-CHANGE - (on being changed by Jesus)
THE CONVERSATION - (on being a person who prays)
THE CHURCH - (on having fellowship with other believers)
THE SPIRIT - (on being empowered to reach out to other people)
THE WORD - (on being a student of the Bible)
Foundations 101
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