A Lynching, “in Every Sense”?!


A lynching?! It used to be only a “witch hunt.” Now it’s a “lynching”?

This, among thousands of other despicable things that has escaped our president’s antisocial personality disordered (ASPD) mind and out through his noxious mouth, I assess this as maybe the most despicable, outdone in disgrace only by Senator Graham’s clarification that it’s a “lynching in every sense”! Neither of these, the latter in particular, is more than a simple slip of the tongue. When asked about his earlier statement went on to say, “That’s exactly what’s going on in the House or Representatives right now.” Do either of these men who are supposed to speak for the nation have any idea what a lynching is?

Image result for lindsey graham lynching

Some might excuse it as a figure of speech for someone being unfairly treated, but in no universe does that even begin to cover these men, the senator in particular, who amplified what the president said (more than once!), claims that it is a lynching “in every sense”! In no sense is this in any sense what the nearly 5000 lynched people in our country’s history experienced, the last being in 1981 when several Klansmen in Mobile, Alabama lynched Michael Donald, a 19-year-old African-American.

The slayers, enraged by another case entirely chose their victim at random, beat him with a tree limb, wrapped a rope around his neck and pulled on it to strangle him while continuing to beat him with a tree branch. When he stopped moving, they slit his throat three times to make sure he was dead and left his body hanging from a tree in a mixed-race neighborhood in Mobile. That’s a lynching!

So, tell Michael Donald how the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump is a “lynching in every sense.” And tell me how Senator Graham’s saying it that was in any sense OK!

Image result for lindsey graham close to trump

To me, this is another level of vile, and I believe that no person––regardless of color––should be anything but incensed by this sort of unconscionable rhetoric from anyone, let alone elected officials from either party.

And I mean that in every sense of the word!

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