Nonviolence is Much More Effective than Violence

Hmm. Maybe Jesus was right after all!


We live in a violent world. The war in Ukraine is killing thousands and causes huge waves of refugees, economic instability and food shortages. The war in Syria is still going on, and the conflicts in Yemen, Afghanistan and South Sudan no longer even make headlines. During most of the last decade, the world has become less peaceful.

In response to such violence, many people think that the solution is more violence. Conventional wisdom tells us that we need to arm ourselves so we become stronger and deadlier than the “bad guys”.

Christian pacifists, who just like most Christians for the first 300 years believe that Jesus’ words about loving our enemies and turning the other cheek mean that we should not use violence, are often accused of being naive. Some have even claimed that Christian pacifism is evil! While abstaining from violence sounds loving in theory, many argue…

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It Takes Courage

Joseph of Arimethea was a wealthy and respected member of the Jewish council, the same group that sent Jesus to his death. He and his colleagues had what we might call power and privilege. So, why didn’t he speak up with at least a mild objection at that time? Mark says he “was himself also …

War in Ukraine––”Noble and Necessary”?

I heard two prominent people the other day make equally asinine comments about the war in Ukraine. One came from the mouth of Russia’s infamous president and the other from the microphone of an American TV political commentator who shall remain unnamed. Vladimir Putin call the war “noble and necessary.”   Let’s talk about “noble” …

How To Keep Hope Alive

I confess to an off and on mood of hopelessness lately. If it’s not Covid, it’s the ridiculous misinformation about it and the needless, senseless deaths that result. If not an evil Russian autocrat, the murder of innocent women and children in hospitals, churches, and apartment buildings in Ukraine. If not… Well, I could go …

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