5-Minute Meditations on the Sermon on the Mount (Chapter 7 of WHAT ON EARTH? a book by Barney Wiget)

Suggestions for Personal Reflection, Group Discussion, and Taking Action for: Chapter 7 of WHAT ON EARTH? / The Inconvenient Politics of Jesus Give an example when Jesus communicated with authorityGive an example when he comported himself politicallyGive an example when he confronted power fearlessly Keep an eye out for the next chapter. Talk soon! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpCla8i3_Ig

Jesus is Political

It’s a mistake to portray Jesus as an apolitical preacher with nothing to say to his socially prejudiced and politically charged context. In fact, he was and is deeply political, but on his own terms with his own political priorities that fit no one particular party. Nevertheless, it could be said that his disruptive politics …

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