Gentle Jesus?

I’m a fan of C.S. Lewis, and have recently been fascinated by browsing through the three volume set of The Letters of CS Lewis. I love the way he thought and the way he said things. In the following, Lewis quotes Pascal…

While commenting on the concept of the “Gentle Jesus” he said:  “Gentle Jesus my elbow! The most striking thing about our Lord is the union of great ferocity with extreme tenderness. (Remember Pascal? “I do not admire the extreme virtue unless you show me at the same time the extreme of the opposite virtue. One shows one’s greatness not by being at an extremity but by being simultaneously at two extremes and filling all the space between.”) Get to the real man behind all the plaster dolls that have been substituted for him. He’s the God who made the tiger and the lamb, the avalanche and the rose. He’ll frighten you and puzzle you: but the real Christ can be admired and loved as the doll can’t.”

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