8 Replies to “Christians at the Border (Part 1 of 3)”

  1. I see you quote Daniel Carroll. His book, “Christians at the Border,” is sitting on my nightstand waiting to be read. Thank you for speaking up on this issue. I, too, shared my heart about this last week. In a world where 1 in 122 people are in someway displaced or seeking refuge, we Christians need to be much more purposeful about reaching out to the foreigner (whomever they may be and however they arrived). I have been struggling greatly this past month with the terrible disparity between my own comfortable life and the desperate need becoming ever more visible in the world. I’ve also been thinking a great deal about the racial barriers my El Crucero children are going to have to overcome as the children of undocumented immigrants. As a white, middle class American, I feel poorly equipped to help them with something I’ve never had to endure.


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    I first posted this along with the next 2 parts of this essay back in September, 2015 when wall building was a campaign promise and President Trump was then Candidate Trump. I recommend these three to you for what I believe the Bible teaches about immigrants and refugees. You’ll find more actual biblical evidence for my position in Part 2.

    For those of us who follow Jesus it’s important that our biblical worldview informs our politics not the other way around. So if you have a different opinion based on your understanding of the Bible, I’d love to hear it. I could be wrong in my interpretation of the Word. It’s happened before. But if your view of immigration and refugee-care begins and ends with a personal preference or political platform, then feel free to restrain yourself from comment. Not that it’s not valuable to banter politics but that’s not my approach or my point here.


  3. Well said, Barney. I like your thoroughly biblical approach. Jesus’ words and actions demonstrated a wide W E L C O ME!

    Keep on writing….
    We need more voices of sanity in our divided nation, His words are the best! And you articulate them well !


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