I Need Your Help!


As you can see, I’ve just published a new book called Reaching Rahab and I need your help to get the word out. I wrote it for an audience to include, but exceed, my own immediate sphere of friends and family in order to inspire Christians of all types to influence others toward Jesus. Wouldn’t it be great if this year more of God’s friends helped more people become his friends than ever before?! Thus, my need for your help to get the word out.

I’m asking you to do one or more of the following after reading the book––which I hope you’ll do soon:

  1. •  Review the book on Amazon (and Goodreads if you’re on it). Reviews really help!

•  Share it on your Facebook, Twitter, and/or email lists (Feel free to use or adapt something like this: If you’re wanting to share Jesus with more people more naturally and effectively this year, this book is for you!)

•  Buy more than one book, and give them out to friends… And ask them to do the same…

•  Give one to your pastor and/or small group leader. Ask them to consider using it as a curriculum in your church’s small groups. Tell them that I guarantee it will have positive effect on the promoting a spirit of grace-filled evangelism in the church. (Well, maybe “guarantee” is a little strong, but I believe it will make a significant difference.)

•  If you lead a small group, please pray about using the book in the next season. There’s a Discussion and Action Guide in the back for just that purpose.

  I’m having a couple of book launch events. If you live in or near Santa Cruz or San Francisco please come and bring a friend or ten:

∞March 11 (Sunday) 6pm, Hope Church, 4525 Soquel Drive, Soquel       

∞March 24 (Saturday) 6pm, Dolores Park Church, 455 Dolores St,  San Francisco. 

Since I didn’t have the resources for an agent or traditional publisher I’m asking you to be my publicists. The pay isn’t great, but hopefully the knowledge that you might help some people help some other people come to Jesus, will suffice.

PS: Half of the profits go to YWAM San Francisco. So, if nothing else, that great ministry in the Tenderloin will benefit from the sale of many books!

Thanks in advance from the bottom of my heart!

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