Love Who?

If I could I’d invent a loophole to get me off the hook of loving my enemies, believe me I would¬¬––maybe something along the lines of pleading insanity. I’ve made a few failed attempts at the “unrealistic-for-postmodern-times” excuse for not following him in enemy-love. If nothing else, I could hide behind the popular alibi that only spiritual superheroes like Mother Teresa and Bishop Tutu can do it.

When all else fails, I’m left with facing my failings, pinning down my flesh for a count of ten (eleven just to be sure), and devoting myself to living beyond human means.

These enemy-love ethics can only be cultivated by internalizing the blessed attitudes, especially this one on meekness. Only inwardly governed meek people can live into the kind of goodness that’s beyond the goodness of Pharisees. Only they are able to express unconditional love to people above them, below them, and against them.

“Love your enemy. It may be hazardous, but you must do it.” Walter Brueggemann

[An excerpt from my book: WHAT ON EARTH? Considering the Social Implications of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount]

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