The Other End of the Dark

The Other End of the Dark is a memoir that I published in 2016 chronicling a five year period of my life following divorce, cancer, and other unfortunate circumstances.

2 Replies to “The Other End of the Dark”

  1. Barney,
    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your book and the fact the the profits are going to the Freedom House. Just read it for the second time, first time I was still pretty ill and it was almost like reading it anew. My ex, John was the one who recommended it. I was wondering if your group that meets in the park takes donations? I have a need to down size (I have too much stuff) and have gently used jackets, etc. Also now that I am through my knitting frenzy for my grand daughter due in September I have started what I call my Christmas knitting. In my job as a mail carrier I saw a lot of folks in need and one off the things I did was to pass out hats and scarves as I saw a need. The other thing I am being moved towards this year is putting together some kind of bags to hand out towards Christmas. I am thinking socks, baby wipes, etc. and some homemade cookies. Right now offering this to you guys is my plan A, but I usually have a plan B&C! So if this isn’t something of interest, it is all good! This is just really on my heart right now, I can only say that, there but for the Grace of God go I.


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