What mysteries? And why muse them?

I call this musingthemysteries because I’m more and more a “muser” about Jesus and the mystery with which he leaves us. “Muse” means to cogitate, ruminate, think, ponder, contemplate, deliberate and (even) dream…. Originally the word meant to mutter (I do a lot of that), to gaze meditatively on, and even be astonished! With all this in mind, I’m inviting you to muse with me about God.

Some of the things I write are pretty “up for grabs” as a guy still getting acquainted with God (even though I’ve loved him for almost 40 years now – my bio is in barneywiget.com). Of other things I’m pretty convinced, even if I don’t have proofs or logical evidence to anyone else’s satisfaction. You’ll find that I’m decidedly a follower of Jesus and of what the Bible says about him. That’s the beginning point for me, and while I don’t know very much about other faiths or spiritual perspectives, I’m happy to try to have intelligent conversations with you about the similarities and differences if you wish. But most of my musings here are things about the God of the Bible.

Nevertheless, I’m hoping you’ll do your own musing about God and then share your thinking with me (and our fellow bloggers). On barneywiget.com I’ve posted teachings there, which are little more well developed and lengthy. Check that out if you’d like. What I blog here are ponderings about which I hope to receive feedback from you, if you’re interested enough to give it – either positive or negative (but do be cordial, please). Your ideas might just find their way into my own mind and heart, and into the things that I convey to others. If that becomes a reality, then I thank you in advance.

At any rate, muse the mysteries with me.

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