(A Brief Summary of the Bible’s Teaching Concerning the Kingdom of God)

The game was about to begin and our Coach huddled with the team for final instructions and pep talk. He stressed to us the fundamentals of holding onto the football and not turning it over to the other team. But sure enough, in hardly any time at all, our first player to handle the ball fumbled it to the other team! Strangely, on the replay it appeared that the captain of that team had simply talked the ball carrier out of it. He literally handed the ball over to the enemy! From that moment, the other team took complete charge of the game, and any hope we had of winning was all but gone.

Later, yet at just the right time, the Coach called a time out and gathered his defense around him. He calmly slipped into a uniform and, inauspiciously, ran onto the field with the rest of the team! The other team, knowing his prowess and power, cringed at the sight of this Man lining up with his team. As soon as the ball was snapped, our Coach and Star Player hit the quarterback so hard that he knocked the ball loose, and recovered the fumble. Our hope of victory came to life again! To read more…

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