The Day I Got My “Whatever” Back (part five)

At his beck and call…

This is my final post on “Whatever.” In the first four offerings… I confessed my hiatus from praying for “whatever” God wants and then how I returned to it as a default. Then I referred to a bunch of Bible passages that show God’s demand for “whatever” and his prerogative to do “whatever.” With that in mind, I talked about the “God Positioning System,” and how it assumes our “whatever” posture. Let me conclude with our ABC’s…

If you know me, you’re aware that I like acrostics and acronyms (I’ve never quite understood the difference between the two). For example, I’ve used ABC for years to summarize how a person might come to a saving relationship with Jesus (Admit, Believe, Commit). But I have devised another ABC for the one who has already come to believe in Jesus. It’s sort of a second story ABC for someone who wants to know how to proceed in his or her friendship with God and be a “Whatever Christian” – At his Beck and Call.

Since I got my “whatever” back – I’m at his beck and call.I’ll try to do what he calls me to do, and it shouldn’t take more than his “beck” to get my attention. (“Beck” is an old English word, the shortened form of beckon, which means a subtle gesture or mute signal like a nod or a slight motion of the hand.) I hope to live in such a way that he needs but to nod or look my way to get my attention and direct me to do whatever he has in mind.

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