For disciple-makers and their disciples…

The way I look at things, if you’re either a new Christian or a Christian helping some new Christian become a more solid and fruitful Christian. We’re all supposed to be disciples and disciple-makers.

Some years ago, some friends of mine and I made an audio recording for people who’ve freshly come to Jesus. Luke Wiget produced it and added his own music, I give a brief teaching on six things that new Christians need to know, and other friends (Art, Gallo, Joy, Ella, Luke, and Melissa) talk about what helps them grow in their faith.

I pass this on to you not just for your edification, but so you’ll give it to anyone you know that’s recently come to Jesus. Foundations 1a… 

Beyond this short introduction to the Christian walk, I also commend to you my written series called, Foundations 101. In this I elaborate on the six topics that I introduced in 1a…

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