Barney’s Back To Blogging

Since I haven’t been blogging for a couple months, some people have contacted me to see if I’m okay. I appreciate the concern and that they actually noticed my absence in the blogosphere. During my first half of seventh grade our family moved to another city three hours away. After five or six months we returned to the former city. I ran into a friend at the old schoolyard where we played a lot of ball who saw me and said, “Hey Barney, where’ve you been? I haven’t seen you in a while.” He didn’t even know I had moved! Like I said, when you’re gone it’s nice to be missed.

Besides being sick for a month or so, I have been occupied with writing an updated draft of the memoir I’ve been working on for the last few years. It’s been a great learning experience for me and quite therapeutic – in the same way that physical therapy is, but then you realize how much you hate the therapist for making you bend in ways your body had no intention of ever bending again. It’s been much more work that I had anticipated. So, for those who encouraged me to do it, I want to say, “Thanks a lot!”

I intend to finish this project soon-ish and then publish it in paper and as an e-book. (Don’t you love the addition of the “ish” to just about anything, making it possible to commit to something without actually committing to it?)

I’m going to begin blogging again with some of the uncut chapters of the memoir twice-ish a week. I won’t blog every chapter, but the ones I do include, I hope you’ll read and give me some feedback on them. You could be my pre-publishing Critique and Editing Team, so to speak. There’s no money in it, but God will love you more if you do (not really). And if you know anyone who would benefit from these such as they are, please pass them on to them. I’m not trying to keep these a secret.

Later. Soonish!

9 Replies to “Barney’s Back To Blogging”

  1. Looking into the past can be painful therapy for sure….but helpful too. I look forward to reading your looking back story.


  2. Glad you are returning. I wrote extensively all through my journey with cancer and beyond. The beyond part was hard than the cancer part. Yes, indeed, writing is therapeutic! Look forward to reading . . .


  3. Finally! All I knew of you was from your blog and I knew you battled an illness. I prayed much for you! What was difficult was just not knowing if you were ok. Your blog and Mustard Seed are my favs! We will keep praying from Ky.


  4. Hi Barmey!!!
    I just recently found ur website. I love ur sermons, its likeish ur my Pastor again! I am back with our Lighthouse family and lovin it!
    I’m soooo sorry u have had such a horrible time the last few years. 😦
    I am praying for you!
    Love, ur sister,
    Annie Scott. xoxozo…


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