“I’m married to a sexy senior citizen!” Mitch Andersen

[While I figured this title would get your attention, I thought it was important to put Mitch’s name next to it, since it was his statement and not mine! I didn’t want anyone thinking I married Madonna, who turned 55 today! Can you imagine her getting the Senior Citizen discount at Denny’s?

This is a beautiful email from my missionary friend, Mitch Andersen. He and his family have done remarkable things in the last three decades in Chile. They are some of the most agravatingly godly people I know. If you’d like to be acquainted with them, check out their website:   http://www.puravidachile.com/]

So were at a breakfast with Julie’s family the other day and the menu has senior citizen prices. It hits us that Julie is 55 and that makes her eligible for the’ senior discount’!  I’m still a young buck at 53 even though she looks like the spring chicken. I look like the old rooster!

But I could not help but stop and think of how blessed I am to be married to such a beautiful woman. The way she has put up with all my crazy ways after all these years still amazes me. Think about it, we are living in an RV in our fifties and loving it! A bunch of stoked Gypsies. She is the toughest and most beautiful woman I have ever known. I am blessed.

My parents are approaching the end of their journey together. Nearly 68 years of marriage and what a life they have lived. They have been my example of what a godly marriage looks like. Mom is in Cardiac Care Unit since last Thursday and the doctor said she will not recover this time. She is an old southern farm girl and has stumped the doctors a few times before. Her will to keep on living is truly amazing. She is an amazing woman and is leaving a wonderful legacy for us to follow. My dad as well is such a humble and wonderful man. They have aged the way I hope I can. As the parts of the body give out they stay heavy on the humor and laugh a lot at themselves.

The other day I saw dad take moms hand and could only imagine the depth of life experience they had been through together. My mom could not say much but what a sweet moment it was. In my dads fifty plus years as a doctor, he has help countless people through these times of letting go. Their turn seems to be coming around the corner and they confront it with God’s amazing grace. So sublime and submitted to God and his will for their lives. SO thankful for all the good times and even the hard times as well.

So what does a life well spent look like? When asked about it Jesus said that’s easy ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. And love your neighbor as yourself’ Can you imagine what this world would be like if we could just live out those two commands? Since I can’t just go around blaming the worlds problems on everybody else, I have just decided to start with me. If I can just get my silly ego out of the way, love God and love my neighbor I am well on my way to a life well spent.

The nearest neighbor I have in life is my sweety. I hope to be sitting around some day in diapers with my honey, holding her hand and saying volumes in our silence. All  the obstacles I can see to that happening are found in my own stupidity and ego. We are so good at messing up the best life that God has dreamed up for us. So let’s humble ourselves today. Acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers and get on God’s plan of loving Him and loving each other. Starting with the ‘others’ that are right next to you.

May God bless you on this adventure of life. May my mom and dad’s example touch you and change you, making you a better human being. They follow Christ who set the ultimate example of love and sacrifice. Live for Him today and don’t worry about tomorrow. Rest in God’s promises and enjoy the ride! When you’re living for Him, it’s all good!

Peace, Mitch, Juliette, Nathan, Cole’, Jessica, Tristan, Janelle, Michaela, and Katrina Anderson

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