Since you’re on a roll, please pray for two more!

A few short weeks ago I posted a prayer request for a homeless traveller in Golden Gate Park that I called “Jake” (below he’s called “Kendrick“). Aren’t we sneaky with protecting anonymity? Anyway, he got saved and is on his way to a perfect discipleship environment for him in Colorado! Here’s my friend Jerad’s (his actual name!) email to his prayer network:

[[[God be praised in his Glory and majesty, for he is a faithful deliverer to our weary souls.

I interrupt my day to bring you a quick word of Praise! I just got a great report that Kendrick arrived into the company of a dear friend and shoe Cobbler in Colorado!

This is a great move for him, potentially getting him unstuck.  For 6 years he has been wandering lost, just living in parks and traveling but afraid to make a move or engage in a direction. Three weeks ago, however, he began to pray for the first time, and i witnessed him praying often and a lot.  On Monday night, Claire and others were with him when He said out loud to God in their presence that he formally wanted to dedicate his life to God. He was Grinning from ear to ear! Need I remind everyone that angels are rejoicing in Heaven before the throne of God over this prayer?

May your hearts also rejoice along with the angels and my own for salvation belongs to our God! Thank you for your prayers  they are changing lives!]]]

So, thanks everyone for praying. And since you done so good this time, here’s two more on my mind from our time today in the TL.

TL stands for “Tenderloin,” which is the City’s most depressed neighborhood. We do our “Church Service” on one of the nastiest sidewalks ever. When I say “nastiest,” I won’t be specific, but keep in mind hundreds of addcits and alcoholics frequent the street all day and night with no viable restroom facility in sight! We’ve been bringing a shovel lately to clean up before we set out the food for lunch and our sound equipment. You get the picture.

Anyway, please pray for one of our best friends in the neighborhood, I’ll call him “Randy.” Today he shared more with me than he had in years prior. He’s three weeks clean from crack cocaine, which is the good news!  His 30-something son recently died in a car accident in So. Cal and among other things, rips Randy up, especially at night when he’s alone. He knows the Lord, but is not strong in his faith. He’s hurting big time. Please pray for him to go to the Lord instead of the crack pipe.

The other guy I prayed with today is a friend named “Norm,” a fierce alcoholic who has been at war with another drunk in the neighborhood. During an argument the other guy broke a bottle and held it at Norm’s chest, who took it out his hand and through it in the street. Norm is from Stockton (the 10th most violent city in America in 2012) and was in prison for eight years for agravated assault. He’s a believer, albeit not as much of a “behaver” as he knows he should be. He asked me to pray for him today to be able to stay out of trouble and manage his anger better than in the past. I slipped into my prayer something about him getting and staying sober too. I always figure since if I’ve got the Lord’s attention…  Please pray for my friend, Norm.

“Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. Be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.” Ephesians 6:18


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