Collaborative Seed Sowing


The Spirit is anything but stingy with solicitations. His mailbag overflows as he distributes clues of the Father’s love, whose default is to include rather than exclude people from his family.

Jesus overpaid for as many orphans as would come home with him. And he doesn’t care which orphanage in which he finds them! Conveying a welcome as wide as his should be our ambition.

I’d like to think that if I were sharing my faith with Rahab, instead of merely identifying what was wrong with her ideas, I would celebrate what was true in her theology and build on that. I would acknowledge that the Spirit had been to Jericho sprinkling divine realities ahead of me and then hopefully collaborate with him to beckon her and her townspeople toward Jesus.

– Originally published in Reaching Rahab: Joining God In His Quest For Friends

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