Bringing Up Buried Treasure


Though we’re all susceptible to living shallow lives, essentially we are beings capable of living lives of immeasurable worth. Most people have lost hope for meaning and need to be provoked to believe that they’re not merely what they appear to be on the outside. They may live primarily from––and/or for––their exterior, unaware that they even possess an inner part, let alone how to tap into it. Yet each human contains as much sunken treasure as everyone else to be brought up from the depths. They may have never peered below their own surface, but it’s there.

For most, the treasure is covered by years, even generations, of the silt and sand of neglect. The gold is obscured and appears as a nondescript bulge on the ocean floor. It’s up to us, as “people of understanding,” to work alongside the Spirit to provoke them to pursue the true worth of their deeper part and bring it to the surface.

– Originally published in Reaching Rahab: Joining God In His Quest For Friends the profits of which go to YWAM San Francisco.

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