Seldom Right But Never in Doubt!


“Courage,” says Collin Hansen, “is not measured by how many people you can offend.”

Peter, the apostle best known for his overconfident bluster, learned over time to share his hope in Christ with “gentleness and respect.” When we lack these qualities we tend to condescendingly answer questions they’re not asking. Too many Christians are “seldom right but never in doubt!” Their mudslinging stump speech testimonies don’t win many people but they do give them a commanding appearance.

Mother Teresa used to say, “Humility is nothing but the truth.” It’s not something we should have to convince ourselves of. It’s an accurate assessment of how things are. It’s the truth about how flawed we are and how fortunate we are for God to love us in spite of our flaws. Approaching people in that spirit goes a long way to influencing them toward the God of mercy.

– Originally published in Reaching Rahab: Joining God In His Quest For Friends the profits of which go to YWAM San Francisco.

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