Our Part / God’s Part


Salvation is work cut out only for the divine. It’s a miracle. Just as the supernatural surrounds every salvation, miracles brimmed over in Rahab’s rescue. For instance, walls crumbling at the behest of shouts and trumpets? Not bad in the miracle department I’d say. Was it their perfectly articulated shouts or the trumpeters’ unique tone that did the trick? I think not. No more than our perfectly articulated testimonies and sanctimonious tone that saves a soul.

One thing for sure is that we aren’t in the business of creating life or changing hearts. We can’t know which seed will take root and which will bounce off a stony heart. We can’t control the process or manipulate someone into salvation. We might be able to get them to say a prayer and convince them to cut down on their sinning, but to get them to come savingly to Jesus is out of our league.

It’s not our job to predict or control the mystery of the seed, but to sow it and trust the Spirit to make it grow.

– Originally published in Reaching Rahab: Joining God In His Quest For Friends

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