Don’t Attack the Hostages!

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Sometimes we Christians forget who the enemy is and we attack the hostages rather than the hostage takers with the sword of our mouths. The Spirit’s sword serves as a surgical scalpel to heal damaged souls as well as a weapon of war to defeat the enemy of our souls. It cuts through the most calloused conscience to make repairs in the diseased heart. But we must keep it scabbarded when we’re tempted to hurt someone with it.

Derek Penwell said, “Jesus didn’t die so that we could win bar bets with other religions about who understands God best.” Just because we can win arguments with people about God doesn’t mean we’re supposed to. He didn’t hire us to be his defense attorneys. You might be smarter, a better debater, and even more adequately informed than your “victims.” But it doesn’t please God or bring people closer to him when we assault them with “sharp” arguments.

– Originally published in Reaching Rahab: Joining God In His Quest For Friends

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