Ladies and Gentlemen: The President of the United States!

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Where to begin?

Let’s start with accuracy.

Though I have no particular affinity for the policies of these, three of the four of the congresswomen he speaks of were born in Cincinnati, Detroit and New York respectively. All pretty much American cities last I checked. The fourth was born in Somalia. She came here as a child and became a U.S. citizen as a teenager. But, as always, facts don’t matter to POTUS, as long as he regurgitates his morning dose of Twitter bile.

So “fixing [the] totally broken and crime infested places from they came” means what exactly? I guess, if we were to attempt to get in his muddled head we’d have to forget that these women were elected officials who represent their United States districts in governing. How dare these women, all who happen to be women of color (hmmm). How dare these members of Congress make proposals about how our government is to be run!

Wait. Isn’t that their sworn duty, as members of the legislative branch of our government to––I don’t know––legislate and to hold the executive branch accountable? How dare they do their job?

If outright lying and vindictiveness toward supposed colleagues isn’t enough, to say nothing of the childishness of it all, what sickens me is that MAGA fans are actually inspired by it! They applaud it when the Commander in Chief of the United States of America acts like a twelve-year old schoolyard bully who lies and threatens to beat up smaller kids. (I’m not saying these congresswomen are “smaller kids” but that he exploits them with his louder voice and presidential powers.)

But what nauseates me most is that Mr. Trump’s MAGA fans swig this stuff like Red Bull. His mendacity and petulance don’t exasperate them––they are energized by it! They cheer and clamor for more and louder temper tantrums. The filthier, the more outrageous the better!

It grieves me no end that people who identify as “Christians” join in this insanity. They don’t care if he bold-faced lies or displays racist, immature, and sociopathic tendencies. They refuse to budge in their tireless support. It doesn’t bother them that he’s inept as a world leader, vindictive toward anyone who opposes him, courts tyrants and screws his our allies. In point of fact, though it flies in the face of everything Jesus teaches and stands for, these so-called Jesus followers admire him for it.

Come on, folks. Care!

What think ye? I really want to know…





2 Replies to “Ladies and Gentlemen: The President of the United States!”

  1. I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that I am outraged, and sad about how we as a country seem to have taken giant steps backwards. And I am, frankly, angry with those who support this kind of garbage, or look the other way. I’m waiting for a groundswell of people stand up and say “ No more. Enough is enough.”


  2. You have put words to what churns in my gut. I’m happy you are bold enough to speak the truth.

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