Libelous Labeling

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Labels are too small to explain any person. Each divine image-bearing human is bigger than any one label can contain. Keeping others small makes the labeler feel large.

Life is too nuanced for any creatively constructed human to fit tidily into a prefab, hard-and-fast classification.

Anyone who believes that marriage should only be between a man and woman is automatically branded “homophobic.” A person against abortion is anti-feminist and chauvinistic. Environmentalists are all “tree-hugging hippies!” (A friend of mine actually said this). And those who fight systemic injustice on behalf of the poor are “socialists.” These assumptions may or may not be true, but individuals must be judged on an individual basis rather than painted with the broad brush of prejudice.

The implication is that this is the sum of them. They’ve been labeled and filed. They’re one-dimensional. And there’s no way they be anymore that their label.

This sort of libelous labeling (or would it be labelous libeling?) isn’t how the meek roll.

This is an excerpt from a book I hope to publish in the near future on the Sermon on the Mount called: What In The World? Some Moral, Social, and Politically Disruptive Implications of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

As such, I’d appreciate your feedback on this post and others to come in order to make the final copy publish-worthy.

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