God, Partial to the Powerless

When I say God is partial to the poor, doesn’t mean he’s biased… There’s a difference…

He’s partial to the poor in the same way that firefighters are “partial” to houses that are on fire over ones that are not…

When people say to “BLM” – “All lives matter”… When you call 911 and tell ‘em “Come quickly! My house is on fire!” You don’t want to hear: “Ma’am, all houses matter”!

When your house is on fire like the houses of the black community’s, and the fire engine keeps passing you by as though you don’t matter, you too might call out: “My house matters!!!”

A good dad will protect his weakest son from being beaten by his strongest son. IN that regard, he shows his weak son preferential treatment …

As a matter of justice God particularly prefers, protects, and identifies with the weakest members of the community… You see that in the crowd Jesus hung with…

Check out the rest of this video under 8 minutes…


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