The Narcissist vs The Poor in Spirit

The narcissist has no redemptive influence on a culture that is already obsessed with itself. He can’t fit others into his heart because it’s already full of himself. He has fabricated his own role in life to write, produce, direct, and star in his own autobiographical docudrama. He only reaches out to others when he needs “extras” to make him look good by appearing in the background and reading the lines he gives them.

On the other hand, those who concede their deficiency tend to be the best consensus-builders. They know what they’re made of and treat others with humility. Like all good servants, willing to subordinate their own desires, they devote themselves to making other people successful. Rather than disadvantage the community to advantage themselves, the poor in spirit are willing to disadvantage themselves in order to advantage others.


An excerpt from the book on the Sermon on the Mount I hope to publish in the near future. If this speaks to you, please share it.

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