To What Kind of Christianity Do You Subscribe?

Jesus said: “Turn the other cheek… Love your enemies… Love your neighbor… Blessed are you when you are persecuted…”

Feucht said: “We’ve got Jesus-loving gun-toting thugs on site. Mess with our worship time and prepare to die!”

Gotta dig the divine love just oozing out here.

So, here’s what non-Christians think when they see stuff like this. Is this how we want to represent Jesus?

Someone else replied saying: “Is it a gun free campus also?” to which “Pastor” Locke replied: “Show up acting stupid and find out!”

Another not-so-veiled threat of getting shot and killed at church!

I’m so glad I met the real Jesus (49 years ago this week) before so many church folk lost their minds, if not their souls.

We have to be better than this.

God have mercy on us all!

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