5-Minute Meditations on the Sermon on the Mount (Chapters 2 and 3 of WHAT ON EARTH? a book by Barney Wiget)

Suggestions for Personal Reflection, Group Discussion, and Taking Action for the book: WHAT ON EARTH? Considering the Social Implications of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount

Chapters 2 & 3: What on Earth Is This “Heavenly Kingdom” About? & A Kingdom Needs a Constitution

  • It’s my conviction that, “When Jesus sets up his headquarters inside us, relationships, households, economies, governments, and every feature of culture begin to lean toward heaven’s standards.” Agree or disagree? Why?
  • “Just as a good movie’s preview makes you want to go see the rest of it, we are tasked with imagining and demonstrating the reign of God in hopes that people will accept the invitation to come for the rest of the show and partner with us to make a better preview for all the world to see.”  How do we get people to stay for the rest of the show?
  • Write down the name of one person you are praying for to come with you to make the make the world a better place (and share it with your group or with one other person to pray with you).
  • Write 2 or 3 additions to my “I believe in…” list in keeping with the teaching in the Sermon: Example: “I believe in truth-telling no matter what.”

Don’t forget to look for the next “5-Minute Meditation on the Sermon on the Mount” video on YouTube: Barney Wiget

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