5-Minute Meditations on the Sermon on the Mount (Chapter 9 of WHAT ON EARTH? a book by Barney Wiget)

Suggestions for Personal Reflection, Group Discussion, and Taking Action for:

Chapter 9 of WHAT ON EARTH? “Blessed are the Broken”

• Merton says, “humility alone can destroy the self-centeredness that makes joy impossible.” How does that work?

• “To a social order that worships strength and decries weakness, where the rich and famous loom over the poor and obscure, this notion of spiritual poverty is utterly nonsensical.” Give an example of this in our culture today.

• What does this mean to you? “Until we recognize our common moral disease, the chasm between classes, races, parties, and nations will only widen.”

Keep an eye out for Chapter 10! Talk soon.

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