Have You Read It Yet?

If you have read it, pleeeeaaaase review it on Amazon. It’s easy and it helps a lot. Thanks!

Here’s how to write a review on Amazon in 5 minutes or less

Find my book on Amazon HERE

Scroll down to “Customer Reviews” and click on “Write a Customer Review” (It’s on the left in a box below “Review This Product”)

Click on THE STAR that reflects your view of its “Overall Rating” (In case you need to know, the farthest star on the right is the best!)

Then in the box: “Add a Headline” say something good (or bad as the case may be).

Add a photo or video if you want. (I never do.)

Lastly, write something in “Add a written review.” It can be, but doesn’t have to be long. Just a few choice words to describe what the book meant to you. Be honest. If it’s not your cup of tea or you disagree with its theme, feel free to say so. Maybe it’ll help me think through my convictions or be a better writer in the future.

I really appreciate you taking the time to do this!

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