I Need Your Help! 

writers-blockI’ve begun writing a book about sharing our faith with pre-christians and I need your help writing it!

I want to address the issues that people have, the obstacles that we face, as well as the joys we experience in “showing and telling” about Jesus. I want to be able to speak to your struggles and concerns as well as incorporate some of your good stories in my next book. So, please share!

If, off the top of your head, you’re having a tough time coming up with your own issues about sharing your faith I offer some pump-priming ideas that you may be able to identify with (or not). Though I’d love to hear what you have to say in your own words (via WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, or even email* if you prefer), if you prefer to copy and paste one or more of these statements in a response, that’s cool too.

  • I love sharing my faith and do it every chance I get.
  • I’d share Jesus more often if I felt like it made any difference at all. No one seems to care.
  • I’d share more if I knew what to say.
  • I’m not sure if what we call “evangelism” is even valid in today’s post-modern culture. Does it even matter what people believe if they have some form of spirituality?
  • I don’t how to begin the conversation.
  • People will decide to follow Jesus without our help. The Spirit is the one who convicts and saves.
  • I’d talk more about it but I’m afraid of looking like a fool.
  • Most evangelism approaches sound like a sales pitch; and people aren’t buying.
  • I don’t “witness” very much, but when I do, I love it!
  • My sole form of evangelism is inviting people to church.

So, if none of these apply to you, please tell me what does.

Also, send me an anecdote of how you shared your faith with someone and it turned out to be an amazing experience. (Maybe your story will end up in my book! With your permission, of course.)


Thanks for your help!

Speaking of books, if you haven’t read The Other End of the Dark, I hope you will consider getting it. I’ve been told that it’s pretty good; albeit, entirely by people who owe me money! Even if you don’t like the book, you benefit Freedom House by buying it and using it as a coaster.

7 Replies to “I Need Your Help! ”

  1. Hey Barney, Old friend of the Hall family here; Mary & Rod, and their three “kids” who were my Sunday school students, yea, I’m old. };-)

    My passion is to share HOPE first and foremost in our broken, violent world. I’ve learned to do so first by being kind and friendly to anyone and everyone who is the least bit receptive. If it comes around to Jesus great! If not, I trust God to take care of it. It’s been a long journey so far, but I’m content to be in my “second half” to “be present in humility, live in simplicity, and in love, grace, mercy and compassion impart HOPE.” Pat (aka anonemoose monk)

    };-) ❤️


  2. I find that when I am in a waiting room like a Doctor’s office, I casually strike up a conversation. Usually within minutes of them feeling safe talking to me something is brought up that I can say, “I will sure pray about that.” One thing leads to another and in a short time I’ve been able to work in the plan of salvation. People need to see that first you’re their friend, they feel like they can trust you, and then they will listen. BUT only after I have listened to them. I have led several people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ like this.
    It seems the Lord always gives me opportunity to first befriend them and He opens the door. I leave them with a track and information on how to get hold of us.
    People like to know someone listens and cares.


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