The Prodigal Father



God is not sitting on his hands, waiting for people to discover him. As the ultimate missionary, he passionately pursues people and circulates invitations to friendship in every possible place. He’s patient for those he loves to bow the knee, but he’s not at all passive about it. He’s obsessed with bringing his children back home.

The idea that God sits back and hopes that people will take advantage of his invitation to friendship is unworthy of him. He’s as relentless in his quest for people to enjoy his redemption as he was eager to send his redeeming Son in the first place. I suggest that it is as difficult to run away from God as it is to run away from gravity. He keeps pulling us back to him.

He’s wrapped in mystery and often “hides in darkness,” yet he is a God whose personality it is to reveal himself to the people. His mercy is wide, his love is stubborn, and his hospitality is prodigal. He’s determined to be known and to be enjoyed.

– Originally published in Reaching Rahab: Joining God In His Quest For Friends

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