An Onramp to the Free-way


Some call it “prevenient grace,” others use the phrase “common grace” to describe what the Spirit does to prepare people to hear about his “saving grace.” Whatever you want to call it, the Spirit uses anything he chooses to sing his “Come to Jesus!” song, and then invites us to harmonize with him! We might think of common grace as a “frontage road” from whence people can see the freeway through the chain link fence. We offer an onramp for them to use to jump on the “free-way” (cheesy pun intended) of salvation.

That he does all the preparatory work doesn’t mean that we are somehow expendable. Not at all. In his effort to bring spiritual orphans home he includes us. He doesn’t need our help, yet he’s chosen to involve us in his great people-loving, kingdom-building, friendship-making project. Partners with the Almighty in his quest to charm people into his family! What could be better?

– Originally published in Reaching Rahab: Joining God In His Quest For Friends

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