Exquisite Fellowship


“I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings.” Philippians 3: 10

As fellow sufferers, our communion with each other in our common ground warms us. But even more significantly, when we suffer we may have fellowship with the greatest sufferer in history, who is the president of our “Sufferers’ Fellowship.” Whenever we gather, he is seated at the head of our table, beckoning all of us to take up our own crosses and follow him— not only to suffer for him, but with him.

The afflictions we experience today invite us to feel what Jesus felt. As we experience the sequel of Jesus’ agony, we commune with Christ and are welcomed to the table of his exquisite fellowship.

– Originally published in The Other End of the Dark: A Memoir About Divorce, Cancer, and Things God Does Anyway (the profits of which go to Freedom House).

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