Wait, what did he just say?


Not to kick a guy when he’s down, but did anyone else watch the president’s post-election press conference? I couldn’t tell if I’d tuned in to an MMA bout or an episode of “Drunk History.” For example, just take this one exchange wherein he was asked an important and relevant question, an answer for which someone could’ve put on a 3 by 5 card for him to read. Here’s the question:

“What about healing the divides in this country?” You ready for his answer?

“Well, we want to see it healed. And one of the things I think can help heal is the success of our country. We are really successful now.”

So far so weird, right? We’re going to heal the nation’s divides by financial success? Make more money. Is that his solution to every problem? The Beatles said it best: “All you need is MONEY!”

It gets weirder. You’re gonna need your thinking caps on for this one.

“We’ve gone up $11.7 trillion in worth . . . China has come down tremendously, tremendously. China would have superseded power; now they are not even close. China, I found it very insulting. I said it to them, China, 25 is very insulting. Twenty-five, they are going to take over economically, the world. I said that’s not happening. We’ve gone way up and they’ve gone down—I don’t want them to go down, we’ve had a good meeting and we will see what they can do. Millions of dollars will soon be pouring into our Treasury from taxes China is paying, and if you speak to Mr. Pillsbury, who is probably the leading authority on China, you know who else hasn’t? China hasn’t. We are going to try to make a deal with China, I want to have great relationships with President Xi, as I do, and also with China.”

Maybe it’s just me, but though I understand all the words, I have no idea how they relate to each other in any logical sequence. Plus, tell me again what taxes in China have to do with healing the divides in America? I know politicians do this when they don’t want to answer the question, but really?

I realize how hard it is to speak extemporaneously, but this is beyond the pale.

I’m purposely not even digging into how he berated the election losers from his own party, accused a black Haitian-born reporter of being “racist,” called the election results a “very close to complete victory,” yelled at another reporter calling him a “rude, terrible person” and his news company an “enemy of the people,” and claimed to have some secret solution to the abortion issue.

My point isn’t only to make fun of Mr. Trump’s performance in front of the cameras. I continue to believe, and believe that everyone else ought also to believe, that he is flagrantly unfit for the office of President of the United States. It’s not only his performance and persona, but his ideas and policies that I find revolting and unbiblical.

Before you say, “Pray for the man,” I do and I will. But he’s wearing me out, folks!

Shortly before her death, Eleanor Roosevelt wrote:

“The course of history is directed by the choices we make and our choices grow out of the ideas, the beliefs, the values, the dreams of the people. It is not so much the powerful leaders that determine our destiny as the much more powerful influence of the combined voice of the people themselves.”

If we really want America to be “great,” I believe we should combine our voices in opposition to this particular powerful leader and make sure this never happens to us again.

7 Replies to “Wait, what did he just say?”

  1. Wait did I read what you just said ?? You admit to making fun of the president and how he answers questions. You say you pray for him every day yet slam him every chance you can. I just don’t get it. I would not vote for him again and I don’t agree with his actions. I pray that God will be in control of our future. You are coming off as an angry person not a loving Christian ” in your post “. Let’s all try to be above the language and words Donald Trump may say . You know the story better than I do about David and how God let him to sin but in the end used him for his glory. Praying that just maybe this will happen with the president.. I am not a good writer but your post just makes me have to say something. Your an awesome person Barney who I respect in many ways . Just not the hateful president bashing. Looking forward to your next non president post


    1. I applaud you for changing your opinion of the president and won’t vote for him again. Right on! Since most of his supporters (particularly the Christian ones) don’t seem to possess your same humility and wisdom, I feel the need to do what little I can to try to convince them of his lack of fitness for the job. I’m sorry if it comes across as hateful. If the Church in Hitler’s Germany had the courage to rally the saints to stand up against his rhetoric and hate just maybe the war could’ve been averted, at least more Jews would’ve been protected. I don’t hate Donald Trump. I do hate what he is saying and doing to the soul of our country. It makes me terribly sad that may Christians can’t see it.


      1. Thanks Barney, you have me thinking now. How the church rallied up against Hitler. Seeing your views a bit more. Still praying for something good to come out of all of this. Enjoyed reading your resent post- thanks


  2. Meanwhile there’s been no response from president Xi. We’ve been told his office is still trying to translate what trump said.


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