Love Drew Me


I usually lean away from an information-heavy witness. Not that many people are moved to faith by a four-step bullet-point proof for Intelligent Design or rhyming sermon points that promise a “blessed life.” Our culture is glutted with slick pitches everywhere else and my guess is that most people are more interested in connecting with the eternal and living meaningful lives.

Of all people, the apologist and author of the classic work, Evidence That Demands A Verdict, Josh McDowell said, “The evidences did not bring me to Christ. The evidences got my attention, but it was God’s love that drew me. It was the love I saw between a group of genuine believers who loved not only Jesus Christ but also each other––and even me! The evidence got my attention, but love drew me.”

Propositional answers to sincere questions can be very helpful at times, but it seems to me that most people (especially postmodern generations) want answers that are personal and grounded in real-life experience. They’re not usually looking for, or particularly receptive to, philosophically satisfying answers. They want to know if we’re for real and if our faith makes an actual difference in real life situations.

– Originally published in Reaching Rahab: Joining God In His Quest For Friends

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