From the Heart to the Heart


There’s no doubt that apologetics helps some people overcome intellectual barriers to faith, but it’s my experience that the most formidable wall is in the will rather than in the head. My suggestion then is to speak to their spoken and unspoken questions. When we respond with our life of faith instead of memorized clichés, and open ourselves and our honest struggles to our friends, we’re showing them the gospel at work.

The artful witness wants to speak to the heart and the head. Realizing that some things can’t be cognitively detected but must be spiritually discerned s/he, in order to increase their chances of getting to the heart of matter, will look to the Spirit to help them see beneath the surface.

When we speak from the heart to the heart it’s called “discernment.” We cultivate discernment when we’re willing to download less and listen more (to others and to the Spirit).

– Originally published in Reaching Rahab: Joining God In His Quest For Friends

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