Captivating Evangelism

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“As we argue, we can deceive ourselves into thinking we are actually serving them, helping them along toward Jesus, but often this reactionary posture actually works to derail their journey of faith.” — DON EVERTS

“Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone.” — COLOSSIANS 4:6

You’ll notice that Joshua’s scouts didn’t tie up Rahab and whisk her away to their camp against her will. They didn’t threaten, cajole, or strong-arm her into leaving Jericho and coming back with them. They simply offered to rescue her from her doomed existence and to include her in their community. This is how we win people to Jesus.

We captivate them not take them captive!

– Originally published in Reaching Rahab: Joining God In His Quest For Friends

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