More Than One Brand of Lostness

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We have to stop to consider what’s going on inside this person, what sort of relationship we have with them, and what the Spirit wants us to say through us at this time with this person on this day.

It was “the lost” that Jesus came all the way here to seek and to save. It is wise to acknowledge that there’s more than one brand of “lostness.” Some drivers get caught up in the scenery and don’t even know they’re lost. Others know they’re lost but try to figure it out without consulting a map or GPS. Then there are those who know they need help to get un-lost. Each one will require a different approach.

By the way, if the concept of “lost” is off-putting to you, go with “missing,” as in those whom Jim Hendersen calls, “the people Jesus misses most!”

– Originally published in Reaching Rahab: Joining God In His Quest For Friends

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