Humanizing the Dehumanized

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Prostitution is a dehumanizing path into which most in the trade are deceived or coerced. Selling one’s body for survival is for the desperate, the last resort for the victims of bone-crushing poverty and social marginalization. She is simply human “merchandise” to the heartless broker and the soulless buyer.

There’s no way to put a nice sheen on it. Bludgeoning the bodies of others and stealing their souls for nothing but money is a coldblooded insult to the Creator and the people he loves.

“What if we looked at our world with pity and not with blame?” asks Elaine Heath. “What if we heard God’s call to evangelize out of love instead of fear, hope instead of judgment? What if we saw sin for the complex mixture it is, grounded in wounds and unmet needs? In short, what would it mean to read our world with a hermeneutic of love?”

– Originally published in Reaching Rahab: Joining God In His Quest For Friends

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