Re-earning Trust


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Once upon a time most people trusted Christians, preachers, and churches. That time has pretty much passed as their trust has evaporated under the scorching heat of our hypocrisy. We live in an age of distrust and suspicion, especially when it comes to the Church and its spokespersons and it’s mostly our fault.

“They usually only see the ways the bride acts in ways that doesn’t honor the groom.” Dan Kimball

This is one of our biggest obstacles in our attempts to offer Jesus to people––they don’t trust us. And if they don’t trust the messenger it’s going to be a long dusty road for them to come to trust the message. When trust has not yet been established, lostness feels like wise skepticism and right thinking. Trust isn’t handed over like a bagel with cream cheese in exchange for a couple bucks plus tax. It’s earned. That’s the rule.

– Originally published in Reaching Rahab: Joining God In His Quest For Friend

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