The Gospel According to James

There’s no NT book or letter that more directly and clearly addresses that latter sickness… Jesus’ ½ brother, James addresses the way we are governed in this country and the way we Christians govern ourselves in front of this world…

He speaks not just in generalities, but is specific about our socially shallow spirituality…

In a nutshell, James is about the clash between Classism and Christianity …

“Classless Christianity” is the kind that treats everybody basically the same, where we preach and practice an egalitarian treatment of all humans (all divine image bearers), rich and poor, black and white, powerful and powerless…

Take a look at this video for the rest of the teaching. It’s only a little more 7 minutes.

3 Replies to “The Gospel According to James”

  1. Hey Barney, nice to hear your brief message on classless Christianity, from the book of James. God bless you. 😊🙏✝️


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