Jesus’ Little Brother James

Can’t you just see young Jesus bringing people home for dinner every night, not so much his buddies from soccer camp, but widows and orphans he encountered on the way home from school? Maybe, for practice, he healed sparrows and multiplied breakfast for the family but it’s more likely that he washed the feet of homeless orphans and widows…

Can’t you hear James at the table, “Seriously, Jesus! Who’s this now? Couldn’t we just have a family dinner once in a while without all these indigents who smell bad and eat our food?” …

Jesus responds: “Sorry, bro, but I couldn’t help myself. If it’s a matter of not having enough, they can have my plate. I’m happy to fast. Plus, it seems to me that everyone is ‘family’ Right? Besides, what about those who don’t have a family?” …

Mary whispers to James, “Just be patient with him. I know, he’s different. I know his ways are strange to us and it is inconvenient to have him as a brother, but give it some time and see if down the road it doesn’t make sense. In the meantime, pass the pasta!”

A few years later James gets converted and he becomes a full-on adopter of the upside down way Jesus. “Real religion, the kind that God likes is to feed the homeless and loveless and give ‘em the best seat at church!”…

Take 5-minute video for the rest…

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