Good News to Broken Weeds and Burned Out Wicks

I wrote this in 2015. With all the Broken Weeds and Burned Out Wicks these days I thought I’d repost it.

barney wiget

One of my favorite things is to preach good news about Jesus on the street. Frankly, I’m not super good at it. I’m not trying to be humble, I just know that there are others better suited for this particular task. Nevertheless, I love doing it because it feels so right to bring hope to hopeless places.

Pretty much everyone agrees that the Tenderloin is the most hope-deprived neighborhood in San Francisco. It’s kind of the last stop for people who’ve passed through all the less degraded places in the City. Most everyone here sleeps in doorways, in overcrowded shelters, or SROs (single room occupancy) slum hotels. Hope moved out of these streets of addicts, alcoholics, dealers, and mentally disabled long ago.Me in TL

These are not necessarily people whose dreams have shattered. Most of them came into this unkind world with no dreams to begin with. Sometimes; after hearing their lifelong…

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One Reply to “Good News to Broken Weeds and Burned Out Wicks”

  1. Hey Brother, A light shown in the darkness. Resurrection power works best in grave yards…..All the best,Marcus


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