Unconscionable, Immature, and Oxymoronic

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A good leader motivates, doesn’t mislead, doesn’t exploit.

Good leaders abhor wrongdoing of all kinds; sound leadership has a moral foundation.

Good leaders cultivate honest speech; they love advisors who tell them the truth.

An intemperate leader wreaks havoc in lives; you’re smart to stay clear of someone like that.

Good-tempered leaders invigorate lives; they’re like spring rain and sunshine.

Proverbs 16:10-15

You think the president might be a tad bit fixated on borders and frustrated he can’t make them more impenetrable? Here’s a teensy timeline of his efforts:

  • He imposed the Muslim travel ban a week into his presidency.
  • He considered an unconstitutional plan to end birthright citizenship, the right to citizenship for non-citizens’ babies who are born here.
  • He focused his campaign on a border wall that proved logistically and financially infeasible.
  • He continued to insist on the wall, leading to the 35-day government shutdown.
  • He threatened to close the southern border, which even Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said would have a “potentially catastrophic economic impact.”
  • Now, maybe be the most ludicrous of all, he wants to move migrants to far-off sanctuary cities throughout the country!

 Check out these recent tweets:

Trump tweet 1

I call this idea unconscionable, immature, and oxymoronic! (These are the most diplomatic terms I could come up with.)

It’s unconscionable to turn human beings, especially the poor and vulnerable, into political pawns. Playing games with countless lives in order to score political points is what I call a conscience on the fritz.

Only an immature person would make a threat like this. “If you don’t do things my way and insist of making me look bad, I’m gonna just take my marbles and go home. Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!”

As for the oxymoronic nature of the idea, check out the next day’s tweet:

Trump tweet 2

You see the irony here, right? For years now the reasoning has been, “These are dangerous people and I’m going to keeping them from coming here. I am committed to keeping you safe.” Now it’s, “If you don’t let me do what I want the way I want, well, I’m going to dump these dangerous people on your doorstep!”

He’s been claiming that we need a wall to protect the country from gang members, drug dealers, traffickers and criminals. Now, because he doesn’t get his wall he wants to bus those same allegedly horrible people (and I’m not conceding that they are) into the country?!

A classic case of the oxymoronic, or just moronic, if you will. (Those who quick-read this and accuse me of calling POTUS a “moron,” please note that I identified his behavior as moronic, which is not the same as calling him a moron. I only do that in my head when I can’t stand another moronic act of his!)

As a bonus to unconscionable, immature, and oxymoronic, that this asinine action is fiscally infeasible. (Again, no name calling, just behavior identification.) Didn’t he recently threaten to pull federal funds from sanctuary cities? Now he wants to depend on those defunded municipalities to fund the mess that he himself created? The logic is similar to taking aid away from Central American countries in fiscal and social free-fall and then complaining when a stream of people fleeing for their lives from those countries end up on our doorstep. This is where unconscionable, immature, oxymoronic, and fiscally infeasible overlap!

Lastly, I might quote a couple sanctuary city citizens:

“This might well be one of Trump’s better ideas. It’s vindictive, and premised on ignorance, but it could be more dignified and humane for the immigrants seeking asylum, and in the end will probably just mean more economic growth for those cities.”

“My sanctuary city already has a network of support organizations ready to help new people get settled – we have been doing just that for decades. The reason we are a sanctuary city is because we understand these two things: – Helping people who are in need is the right thing to do, and – The vast majority of migrant people contribute to their communities and make things better. We would step up, even though the president is in bad faith and trying to cause chaos.”

Could their intentions be a tad unrealistic and a little naïve? Probably. Nevertheless, we need someone in the White House with a functioning conscience, with sufficient maturity to offer grownup and fiscally sound solutions to social problems.

“You don’t lead by hitting people over the head-that’s assault, not leadership.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

In light of all this, take one last minute and reread Solomon’s counsel regarding wise leaders at the top.





4 Replies to “Unconscionable, Immature, and Oxymoronic”

  1. Hey Barney, I don’t understand your opposition to Trump’s idea about sending the illegal migrants to sanctuary cities, communities or states. Isn’t this where they will be protected, cared for, protected and supported without fear of deportation? The idea that removing these people from the border area also doesn’t make sense, as most of these people have traveled through multiple countries. The border cities were not their points of origin. From a humanitarian view, it makes sense, unless you are simply against all things Trump.


    1. Bill, first of all, most of the “illegal migrants” at the border these days are women and children asking for asylum crossing the border and surrendering themselves immediately. So, I wouldn’t call them “illegal.” Plus, I’m not a fan of labeling any person “illegal.” It’s dehumanizing. I know it’s been said many times before, but people aren’t illegal. Anyway…

      If the president had said, “Hey, we can’t take care of all these people. We need your help. The Federal Gov’t will work with those of you who call yourselves “Sanctuary Cities” to help settle these people…” But that is not what he said and that wasn’t his goal. This was an irresponsible and childish threat to once again pound his chest for purely political capital.
      He told reporters on Monday, “Who do you think these countries are giving us? They are not giving us their finest, this I can tell you.” But then he turns around and says, “You guys take care of them – these criminals and drug dealers.”

      Plus, he said, “We’re full. America is full. We don’t have room for you. Don’t come here!” Set aside the inaccuracy of that, how do you square that with, “OK, you sanctuary nuts, you take ‘em.” How does that work if we’re full? It doesn’t, because we’re not “full,” and he’s doing what he does, just doing his blowhard routine and his base loves it. Makes me crazy!

      Then he says, “The Radical Left has open borders, open arms policy so this should make them very happy.” That’s ridiculous. First of all, I’ve never heard anyone propose “open borders.” The Democrats in Congress want better immigration policy. Maybe some loud mouth radio host from the left promotes it, but no serious pundit or politician.

      Second, “this should make them very happy,” is a dumb thing to say. It’s petulant and impudent. That’s not leadership. Threatening is not leading, posturing is not presidential. It’s not even adult behavior.

      You say that from a humanitarian view, it makes sense, because sanctuary cities and states want immigrants. I concede that some sort of plan for those populations to take the lion’s share of asylum seekers could very well have merit. Some sort of federal, state, and local collaboration could work, at least better than what we have now. But I don’t hear the president asking for help or bringing sanctuary state officials to the White House to come up with a plan, and offering resources to back it up. He just wants a wall and to garner cheers at his rallies. I’m sorry, that’s my assessment of Mr. Trump’s leadership.

      While some sort of honest and realistic proposal like this, with federal aid to those cities and states, could work, my point is more about the kind of incompetent and childish leadership our president constantly displays.


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