Simplicity and Stuff (Part 2)

“Possession is an illusion in the light of the Kingdom. What do you possess? Wait a few years—we’ll see how much you possess when you’re six feet under! You don’t possess anything.” Richard Rohr

This 10-minute audio podcast is Part 2 of 3 episodes on Simplicity and Stuff.

Some suggested simplifiers (adapted from Richard Foster in Celebration of Discipline)

  • Give something important away…Find one possession that you value, and ask God, “Am I growing too attached to this object? Is it becoming a treasure to me?”
  • If you make more than you need, ask God to show you what to do with the surplus… giving…
  • Buy things for their usefulness rather than status; for their utility not their prestige…
  • Don’t buy something new before you need it. Use things till they’re worn out…
  • Reject anything that is producing an addiction in you.
  • Develop a habit of giving things away… De-acculmulate… Simplify!
  • Refuse to be manipulated by the media into believing that they know better than you do about what you actually need.
  • Don’t be duped by the salesmen of modern gadgetry…
  • Learn to enjoy things without owning them. Share stuff with others… Enjoy the beach without feeling you have to buy a piece of it.
  • Develop a deeper appreciation for the creation. It’s usually free of charge!
  • Avoid buying more than you can afford on credit… Be patient…You don’t have to have it now…
  • Try a week-long “Fast” of all unnecessary shopping/buying/spending…Don’t buy anything except what sustains your life (like food and supplies)…

Happy simplifying!

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