Is COVID Pretty Much the Same as the Flu?

Thread by @Vaccinologist: As the #COVID19 #outbreak evolves ...

  • They said COVID was no big deal. Until it was.
  • They said it would blow over like a miracle. Until it didn’t.
  • They said anyone who wants a test can get one. Until they couldn’t.
  • They said they have done a fantastic job of dealing with it. Until they weren’t.
  • They said it’s just like the flu. Until it wasn’t.

I don’t know about you but I can no longer believe what they say!

Comparing the Flu with COVID

The CDC estimates that there were more than 35.5 million cases of the flu and 34,200 deaths in the U.S. during the 2018–2019 flu season. Keep in mind, that’s without any sheltering-in or wearing of masks! Everyone rode on planes, ate in restaurants, went to work, and rode buses. No social distancing. Everyone sneezing and coughing on one another. Lots of cases (over 35 million) and relatively few deaths (over 34,000).

That’s one death for every 1030 cases of the flu, which if we had taken the measures we’ve been taking for COVID during the flu season last year (which I’m not suggesting), there would have been exponentially fewer deaths by flu! No telling how many fewer. But many many fewer!

Compare that to, as of May 16, 2020 (just 14 or so weeks into the virus) we’ve had 1.5 million cases of COVID and 90,000 deaths in the U.S. That is one death per 17 cases of COVID. And that’s with all the draconian measures we’ve taken. No telling how many deaths there would have been had we not stayed at home or worn masks in public! But many many more!

Oh, and keep in mind, we’re not through this yet. The number of cases and deaths are not all told.

[For those who make the claim that the CDC numbers on COVID are inflated, you’d have to do the same with the flu numbers, and call them inflated as well. Right? And I don’t hear anyone arguing that point. Just sayin’.]

Not trying to breed fear or division. Just busting one of the most outrageous ridiculous claims about COVID-19.

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32)

If truth frees, it follows that lies enslave.




4 Replies to “Is COVID Pretty Much the Same as the Flu?”

  1. I think you are forgetting the minor detail that we have a pretty effective (at least for this year) flu shot…



    1. Good point, E. But it’s not the aggregate numbers of cases or deaths as much as the ratio of deaths to cases that makes the difference. I mean, without a vaccine COVID kills 1 in 17. I don’t have any stats to prove it, but I don’t think that without the flu shot 1 in 17 people who get the flu would die of it.


  2. Barney, AS a RN working at our local hospital, I support what you are educating and speaking truth about the difference of flu versus COVID, importance of wearing masks to protect others. I’m proud of Santa Cruz following these guidelines for the most part. The numbers do not lie! Keep safe, Trusting God through this time. He is Sovereign!


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